Dreamer Collaborative

In 2018 I had the privilege of being part of a cohort for those in Ministry leadership. As part of the cohort, we participated in coaching sessions that focused on our values and calling statements. We prayerfully crafted these calling statements and my statement ended up being this:

“ I am a prophetic accelerant to help birth and release Kingdom dreamers as a catalyst unto Revival.”

Simply put, that is the heartbeat behind Dreamer Collaborative. To support, encourage, and equip Kingdom dreamers and creatives. When you are dreaming and creating with the kingdom of God in mind there has to be a renewed attention to and pursuit of God and His word. And by definition, that is personal revival. But the Revival doesn’t stop there! When we rise up and take our specific place in the Kingdom of God, not only do we experience personal revival but the impact of our obedience then becomes a catalyst for revival in others!

Through resources such as retreats, cohorts, coaching, and written materials, we want to:

  • Help you discover your God given purpose and calling
  • Equip and Empower you spiritually and practically
  • Celebrate and support what God has put in you
  • Create a place where Kingdom minded dreamers and creatives can collaborate and receive support and feedback from others
  • See revival start as you rise up and take your place in the Kingdom of God

Psalm 139:13-16 talks about how God designed each of us, putting us together in a wonderful way with thought and purpose. Looking forward to coming alongside of you in discovering your god-given purpose and walking it out for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and His glory alone!