Hey There! I’m Heather Broughman.

Thanks for stopping by!

So here’s a little bit about me… 

  • I love Jesus and helping people see Him, hear Him, and know Him more!
  • Cinnamon tea, sunsets, and sweater weather are a few of my favorite things. 
  • Those that know me know that I love digging beneath the surface to get to the root or the heart of things. (I ask deep questions, ya’ll! It’s just who I am. 😂) 
  • People who’ve mastered the art of small talk enamor me. It doesn’t always come naturally to me, and I’m still learning! 😊
  • I come alive when I get to help people discover God’s heart, plans, and purpose for them! And then partner together to help them rise up and take their place in the Kingdom of God!  

Born and raised in Southwestern VA. I’m a small town girl now living in the big city of Nashville, TN. I have over 15 years of ministry experience including a degree in theology and coaching certification. From sweeping and mopping floors to speaking and leading worship (and a whole lot in between), I’ve learned the importance of blooming where planted and stewarding your current season well in preparation for seasons ahead. I’ve had the privilege of being poured into by some incredible leaders and mentors along the way, and the honor of pouring back out into the lives of others. Which is an honor I don’t take lightly! What I’ve come to realize from both the Word of God and life experience is that God never intended for us to go it alone. Instead He promotes partnership, team work, and collaboration. In other words, we are stronger and better when we link arms in efforts to help and support one another! 

So stick around, be encouraged, and help cheer others on! And STAY TUNED, because we have some fun things coming in 2022!!! 


Heather B.

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