The Unfinished Canvas

Painted + Written by Jordyn Byers

Today’s featured artist and writer is very dear to my heart! Jordyn Byers is an absolute treasure who has an incredible gift for discovering and creating beauty wherever she goes. Through the beautiful imagery in both her painting and words, Jordyn depicts the heart of God towards not only her but YOU, as well! To see more of the beauty that Jordyn is creating and capturing, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW!

The most vulnerable time of the painting process is the unfinished painting. No detail work just frowned upon grid lines and unformed blobs of color. I, the artist, don’t feel ashamed of the unfinished process… until someone sees it. I then spiral into thoughts of being afraid that they think I’m finished, maybe they think this is the end, maybe they think I’m horrible at this.. maybe I am horrible at this.

Hidden until the end.
Only showing people if I show them what it’s going to be.
They can only see the process if they have the big picture too.
Always reminding people that I’m not done.
“I still have a ways to go.”

But then I return to my painting and now all I can see is “unfinished”. When to the canvas this is the closest it’s ever been to completion.

Imagine if the canvas could speak. How excited that the canvas would be if it could know that it’s no longer blank, but it’s got colors of tan and green and even some blue! The excitement that it would feel with every new color. To hold one more tree. To have one more rock. To hold the layers and layers of paint that no one will see because it’s covered in yet another layer. Hidden layers, but crucial layers.

I am thankful that God does not have the same “hide the art until it’s finished” mindset. When God sees me He does not see “unfinished”, He sees the beauty that He’s painted in me and He still sees the beauty that is to come.

My God is the Great Artist.

I get to have the excitement of the canvas.

To hold one more memory. To lose one more tear. To hold layers and layers of emotions that I get to share with God before they’re covered with another.

While I am not yet complete, I am not labeled “unfinished.”

“I am sure of this, that he who started a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”
Philippians‬ ‭1:6‬ ‭CSB


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