Trusting God’s Wisdom

Written by Heather Broughman

Photo by Peter Secan on Unsplash

Something struck me as I read the book of Job recently. In all the times I’ve read Job’s story, I’m not sure that it ever really occurred to me that Job didn’t know about the conversations between God and Satan. Think about it, God had these conversations with the enemy where He stated that His servant Job was “blameless and upright,” and described him as someone who walked in the reverential fear of the Lord and turned away from evil. Wow! Coming from the Lord of all Lords, that is a pretty amazing commendation! But Job wasn’t privy to that conversation. 

What Job saw and experienced was loss, heartache, and physical ailment. He didn’t know that God was talking him up and believed so much in him. Can you imagine what it was like for Job? Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. Here you are with great wealth, a beautiful family, and a reputation of serving and honoring God with all that you’ve been given. 

Then one day, out of the blue, comes a messenger saying that your livestock has been stolen and your servants have been killed, in other words, your livelihood and income have taken a very hard hit. As you’re reeling from that, another messenger shows up with more bad news. Your family has all been killed. Can you imagine the heartache and confusion Job must have felt? And as if losing all of that wasn’t enough, you suddenly begin to experience major health issues. How would you respond? 

Job doesn’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, all he can see are the harsh circumstances right in front of him. But yet, his response was to worship. It says that Job did not accuse God of wrongdoing, but still blessed the Lord. Then his friends came around and his reputation was even wrecked. They assumed that with all the loss and terrible things that Job was experiencing, he must have some major sin in his life and that’s why he was made to suffer. 

Maybe you are going through something similar right now? Maybe you’ve done all that you know to do, have walked in obedience to the Lord to the best of your ability, and it doesn’t appear that God is moving on your behalf? But just like Job, you don’t know what’s going on BEHIND THE SCENES! Rest assured, dear friend, that God is every bit of who He says He is! He does not lie! And like Job, trust the WISDOM of God! You, just like Job, may not be privy to what God is doing or preparing, but trust His heart, that He has a plan, and though it may not seem like it, He will never leave nor forsake you, and He will be faithful to you and to His word! 

I know it’s not easy, and I don’t say any of this lightly. If you’re in this place, with more questions than answers, in the pain and sorrow of waiting, not understanding, being stretched in your faith and trust, I would love to pray for you! Please message me, DM me on socials, or email me at We were not made to do this life alone, let me help bear your burdens in prayer today! Blessings!

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