A Letter To Perfectionism

Written by Heather Broughman Dear perfectionism,  You are not a friend to me. In fact, in many ways you are my enemy.  You and your unrealistic demands, telling me that anything short of flawless is unacceptable and considered failure. Your nagging voice makes me second guess myself. I waste hours and hours trying to meetContinue reading “A Letter To Perfectionism”

How to Fight for God’s Dreams and Goals for Your Life

Written by Sarah Rosa Oyela Sarah is a gifted and multifaceted writer! She writes beautiful devotionals that both encourage and challenge, incredible prose and poetry, and even song lyrics! This is one of her devotionals deals with learning to let God battle for you! I love Sarah’s devotionals and so will you! CHECK OUT MOREContinue reading “How to Fight for God’s Dreams and Goals for Your Life”