Action Required

Written by Heather Broughman

Has God asked you to take a leap of faith? Maybe His request seems a bit risky? If that’s you, I pray that this word will encourage you and spur you on to action today!  

The wall would never have been rebuilt if Nehemiah hadn’t prayed and then started the work. The wall of Jericho would not have fallen had the Israelites had not obeyed and marched around it as the Lord instructed. The whole human race would have been wiped out had Noah not acted on God’s command to build the ark 

Hebrews 11 uses the phrase, “By faith…” several times followed by an act of obedience. It says, “By faith, Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went even though he did not know where he was going.” Every example of faith includes an action, a step of obedience. In fact, James 2:26 states that, “…faith without works is dead.”

There may be some of you out there that the Lord has given you a promise but it’s attached to an act of faith that seems risky, I have experienced that time and time again! However instead of taking action, you’ve been paralyzed by fear – fear of the unknown, fear of disappointment, fear of failure. Fear is real, and when we give into it, it binds us up and keeps us from making a move. But here’s the thing, when we obey in faith, we position ourselves for blessing and reward. We set ourselves up to see God meet us in miraculous and glorious ways! Faith filled obedience requires courage. However, courage doesn’t mean that we’re not afraid, it just means that we have put fear in its proper place. 

So, what is that thing that the Lord has called you to do in this season? Or what is that promise that hasn’t yet been fulfilled, but the Lord says, “BELIEVE?” Let’s get after it…by FAITH!!! If that’s you and you want someone to partner in prayer with you, shoot me a message by clicking on the link below, and I’ll be happy to pray with and for you!


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