The God Who Sees

Written by David Berry

Photo by Heather Broughman

David Berry is a seasoned minister with a great heart for people. Today I have the honor of sharing his reflections on the story of Hagar. If you have felt forgotten or unseen, then I pray you let the truth that David shares wash over you heart and mind today!

In Genesis 16:13, Hagar is found feeling worthless and unwanted. Not from any fault or failure of her own. To be honest, she was extremely mistreated by a godly couple. There is a great lesson there, but I want to focus on something Hagar came to realize.

When Hagar is found by an angel of the Lord she is running from those who mistreated her. In the midst of this interaction Hagar discovers this revelation about God. She calls God “El Roi,” which means “the God who sees me.” This is profound and potentially life-changing. Let that sink in. He is the God who sees you.

Listen, you may feel distant from God today, but I can promise you that He is always close and He is always watching. He doesn’t watch you as a parent looking to catch their child doing something wrong. He watches with a love that is deeper than I can comprehend. He watches because He cares for you and wants to be close to you. God sees you.

God sees you in your pain. He sees you in your anguish. God sees you in your wandering and running. He sees you in your doubt and discouragement. God sees you. He sees YOU.

Now, stop and listen for more revelation that will alter the trajectory of your life. He sees you and wants to speak with you. Give Him a little more attention today than normal. Today could be the start of a new life, not just a new year. A new life with HIM.


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