Heavenly Perspective

Written by Madison Aichele

Photo by Kamal Bilal on Unsplash

Madison Aichele is fellow hope*writer whose reflections and poetry beckon you to pause and consider the deeper things of the heart. Hope that you take a moment to stop and ponder and invite God to bring some heavenly perspective to whatever you may be facing right now! And if you would like to check out more of Madison’s writing…


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When I look back at this season, what will I see?

When my limited view gives way to the larger picture, what will I think?

Will I mourn what’s missing? Or pick out what I wish had been different?

Or will I see things were never as barren as I might have believed?

I’ve opened my hands and watched dreams float away, but I’ve also felt the faithful whisper of my Father tell me it’ll be ok.

And maybe I’ll look back and see that all this time, things were growing as they should be.

That maybe what felt like uprooting deeply held beliefs about my life and how I hoped things would be, really opened up space to see things in their entirety.

This season isn’t empty. This season isn’t wasted. It’s wide open, yet full of promise.

Maybe you’re there, too? In the space before the pieces make sense.

I stand with you. You’re not alone in wondering how things could change or make sense in time.

But the same whisper that’s carrying me is being offered to you. The peace of knowing that divine orchestration doesn’t require understanding, even effort.

It requires trust. And faith that a heavenly perspective sees far more clearly than we can.


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