The Source

Photograph by Lexi Samples

Lexi Samples is a precious friend whose creativity and heart for Jesus are inspiring! Lexi is a recent MTSU grad with a major in photography and minor in journalism. She is passionate about seeing freedom in people’s lives through the vehicle of art. Her dream is to use art in the missions field to glorify Jesus, bring hope, and defend people against the enemy as freedom is unlocked in their lives. It’s my joy to not only share one of her beautiful photos, but also a heart stirring poem of hope! Do yourself a favor and go check out more of Lexi’s work!


It Is Finished 

Longsuffering exchanged for a different name
Shackles of pain lifted away
No longer captive of assailants unseen
Nail it to the door, an official decree
Torment undone, Instead call me F R E E

When all seems hopeless and lost, Jesus is the source of joy. He is the light in the darkness. He is our hope. Freedom is found in Jesus alone. 

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