The Waiting

Written by Lexi Samples

Lexi Samples is a precious friend whose creativity and heart for Jesus are inspiring! Lexi is a recent MTSU grad with a major in photography and minor in journalism. She is passionate about seeing freedom in people’s lives through the vehicle of art. Her dream is to use art in the missions field to glorify Jesus, bring hope, and defend people against the enemy as freedom is unlocked in their lives. It’s my joy to not only share one of her beautiful photos, but also a heart stirring poem of hope! Do yourself a favor and go check out more of Lexi’s work!


I sit beside you in this waiting 
Asking you to ease this cup of suffering. 
I sit before you with this longing
Knowing that you are still working. 

There's a sweet sorrow on my lips. 
I weep from the pain of pressing 
Mourning this broken heart it grips. 
But, I also rejoice in my professing 
That though I walk this valley 
You have not left me yet. 

I know in your timing it has to be
So help me be full of you in this waiting
And not the deep longing that's in me. 
Do the work in my heart. 
Turn me into your work of art. 
Help me to have joy in the mourning 
And surrender all, that it may be for you glory. 

A season of waiting is, I believe one of the hardest seasons to walk through. It can be a time of confusion and unanswered questions. It is a time of surrender where you must release control and the need for understanding while choosing faith to believe in the character of God. It is as 2 Corinthians 4 talks about where we must choose to focus on that which is unseen. When our situations and circumstances look the complete opposite of what we believe the Lord has spoken, and we feel pressed on each side, we have to trust that God is who He says He is. He is on our side and He will withhold no good from those who love Him. His timing will amaze us, especially when it’s not the timing we had hoped for.

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