Perspective + Filters

Written by Heather Broughman

PERSPECTIVE:: Perspective + Filters matter. 

As I was spending time with the Lord, I felt impressed to take some photos. One object, different filters, different angles. It is amazing how perspective and filters can change what we see. In the series of photos above you can see what I mean. Each a photo of the same item, but yet none of them quite the same.

Perspective + Filters matter when we’re in seasons of waiting on the Lord. Maybe we’re waiting for a breakthrough, to step into the fullness of God’s promises, or maybe just to see God move. Although what can happen in this waiting period is that satan can sneak in and twist, distort, and pervert our view. He attempts to make things seem larger or smaller than they really are, to make the terrain appear bumpier and more difficult than it really is. He may try to filter our view through past wounds and lies. All so we’ll get disoriented and discouraged in hopes that we’ll give up. 



PRAYER + THE WORD OF GOD have the potential to change the filter we view things through. We can go to God and ask Him to reveal any lies that we’ve bought into or any place of pain or hurt that may be coloring what we see. God’s Word is the truth that helps us see things rightly, from His perspective. When we choose to filter things through what God has said, it’s amazing how different things begin to look.    

WORSHIP has the potential of giving us a perspective shift. It’s an opportunity to shift our gaze from self and the circumstances that we face to the heavenly and Jesus. And when our spirits engage with the truth of who God is…a beautiful thing happens…things that seemed to be confusing or overwhelming, through the lens of who God is, become clearer and less daunting. It’s like coming up higher to see things from where He sits. 

How might your filter be broken or a little off right now? Where are the places you need a perspective shift today? You have a freestanding invitation right now to come up higher and see things from His perspective…to engage God in prayer and His Word and to say YES to worship!!!


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