God’s Purposes + Plans for You

Written by Heather Broughman

All it takes is one spark to start a fire!

Can I just let you in on something? The enemy is completely terrified of you realizing who you are called to be by the Lord and then rising up and taking your rightful place in the Kingdom of God! He doesn’t care if you realize your God-given purpose and do nothing with it, but when you actually start to own it and walk it out, he gets nervous! He will do anything that he can to stop you from this because he knows that when you rise up and take your rightful place in the kingdom of God and are intentional about living out God’s plans and purpose for you,  REVIVAL takes place! 

Think about it, if you are living out God’s plans and purpose for your life or even pursuing a God-sized dream, there has to be a renewed sense of attention to God. You cannot effectively rise up and be who God created you to be without first locking eyes with Him, your creator! And in locking eyes with Him and giving Him your full attention, essentially what you are going to experience is personal revival. But it doesn’t stop there! As you take your place and position in the Kingdom of God, your personal revival then flows out in a ripple effect and spurs on revival in those that are affected by the impact and fruit of you being fully who God created you to be!

You, my friend, were designed to be a world changer for the Kingdom of God! Sure, not all of us are called to be on a platform or in vocational ministry, but do not for one second think that you being FULLY who God created you to be does not change the world around you! I want you to get fired up about who God has created you to be, and be passionate about walking that out fully! It’s when we take the place that God created specifically for you and me that we truly experienced that feeling of coming alive in Christ! And we set our eyes on God and abide in Him, we get to taste the Abundant Life that the Lord promised and that Jesus died to secure! 

PS If you aren’t sure what your specific God-given purpose is, I would love to chat with you!!

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