Moving in Faith

Written by Heather Broughman

Moving in faith sometimes feels risky. I remember being at a conference a couple of years ago, and as I waited for the session to start I was scanning the room just looking to see if I knew anybody. As I was scanning, I felt like the Lord highlighted this lady to my left across the room from me. I wasn’t sure why she stood out, but as we settled into that session, I simply started to ask the Lord if He was specifically highlighting her to me and if so, what did He want me to do? 

I didn’t hear God speak immediately, actually I didn’t feel like He gave me a clear answer until the session was wrapping up and people we’re just standing around waiting for the next breakout group to begin. Then I felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit. 

Have you ever heard of a Giving Key necklace?  They are faith-based necklaces consisting of a key on a chain, and there is usually a word stamped on the key. The idea behind the Giving Key necklaces is that you either purchase or are given a necklace stamped with a word that is specific to you for the season that you’re in. They have words such as: dream, strength, courage, or hope. I just happened to be wearing mine that day, and my key was stamped with the word FAITH. 

At that time, the Lord had me in a place where I was learning a lot about how to walk in faith. I was learning that I actually needed faith to steward His promises well, and faith required action, and that action sometimes looked a little risky in my eyes. And as I sat there waiting for the Lord to speak, I happened to look down and see my necklace. FAITH. He was about to give me a little test on what I’d been learning! Immediately I had a sense that the Lord was saying,  “I want you to give her the necklace.” 

Now, I would love to say that I yielded right away, but that’s just not the truth! I really loved that necklace and it meant a lot to me. As I sat there, I internally questioned God, “Lord, you don’t REALLY want me to give my necklace away do You? I mean– not now, and not to a complete stranger?” However, after a few minutes of me checking, double checking, and checking again, I sensed the Lord say that the lady needed a boost of faith and hope. That she needed to be reminded that He had not forgotten her, and that she had not gone unseen. 

“Give her the necklace and tell her what I said, and I’ll take care of the rest.” Anyone else find that a little risky? To walk up to a complete stranger whom you know nothing about? Sometimes when God asks me to do something like this, I instantly start accessing the level of risk involved. “But what if I’m not hearing you right, Lord? What if the person doesn’t understand what I’m saying and it doesn’t even resonate with them? What if I miss the window of opportunity that You’re giving me? You get the picture. And the Lord usually puts an end to my “risk assessment” with a “faith assessment” of His own! “But what if you’re right and I really want to pour my love out on that person today? What if risking your reputation and being wrong means that someone receives a blessing that they need today? What if what you perceive as a RISK actually is an opportunity to move in FAITH?” He always knows the right things to say! 

So I walked across the crowded room and up to this complete stranger. Nervously, I tapped this lady on the shoulder and told her that even though I didn’t know her, I felt like God had highlighted her to me from across the room. I shared with her the word that God had given me for her. I shared with her that I felt like the Lord wanted to encourage her, and I was to give her my Giving Key necklace with the word “faith” written across it. As I handed the necklace over to the lady, she started to sob. She shared with me her story and why this was such a significant blessing for her. It was such a Divine moment. One that I hope that I never forget.

I say all of that to say this, yes, I know firsthand how risky it can seem when God asks you to take a leap of faith. But…I also can tell you that saying “YES” to God, and stepping out in FAITH is SO WORTH IT!!! So what is that leap of faith God is asking you to take today? Is there something that He’s been stirring in your heart and saying, “the time is now? Take the leap!” Is there a promise that has been buried under doubt and disappointment that He’s wanting to unearth and show you how to steward in faith? Or maybe there are just little promptings throughout your day to speak an encouraging word, offer to pray for a co-worker or stranger, or maybe just sent a text to the person He keeps bringing to mind even if you don’t know why He’s bringing them to mind? It may seem risky, but I promise you it’s worth it! So go on, do it, take the leap, and MOVE IN FAITH!!!


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