Remembering God

Written by Heather Broughman

David wrote the Psalms as an act of worship but also as a way of recording the acts of God and his history with him. Remind himself of what the Lord had done in times past so that he could look back and say if God did this before then surely he will do it again. And not just to encourage himself but also to sing the Praises of the Lord from one generation to the next so that the generation coming after him could also build upon the testimony that he had of his encounter with the Lord. Therefore fueling the faith of generations to come. I don’t know about you, but I cannot read the book of Psalm without my heart being encouraged at how the Lord provided, the ways that He showed up and what David learned about Him throughout the years. 

Rehearsing our history with God reminds us of what we’ve seen Him do in the past or what He has done in the past for others. And by remembering those experiences or encounters with God, we can then establish the truth in our hearts and be able to declare that if we have seen God do it before, we will see Him do it again! It fosters hope in the waiting to remember what the Lord has done before, the miracles in your life or the moments that you’ve seen God’s hand and known that the only way an event like that could have happened was if He actually orchestrated it Himself. Recalling those types of events is like stating the evidence in the courtroom. Not only do you have the Bible telling you that God is this way or behaves that way, but you have your own evidence to stand on. And your experience with God cannot be refuted.

Tune your ears to heaven, and hear God say to you today, “remember me.”  What are some of the testimonies in scripture of Generations past that you need to remember today? Reflect on how he has kept his word and promises throughout the ages. Revisit your own history with God. Remember how he has been faithful to you throughout the years. Remember how he has shown up for you time and again. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your remembrance God’s faithfulness to you and then sit and wait as he brings specific instances to mind. Write it down! I know sometimes it seems much easier to not write down what the Lord is speaking to us, but never have I ever once regretted writing down what the Lord has spoken to me. Because I can always go back and be reminded of the exact moment and the exact words that I heard Him speak to me. And then yes, take communion. Grab your bread and juice, or the closest thing that you may have in your pantry, and as you hold them in your hand, sit and remember the most costly sacrifice ever made. And remember that He did this for you. Remember the greatest love that you’ll ever know. Remember the suffering and death and Resurrection was all for you! That you might know Him, that you might be saved, that He could call you His own! Remember!


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